What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a system or product that effectively prevents liquid water from passing through it. The presence of liquid water against a waterproofing layer is called a “hydrostatic head”. A hydrostatic head of water puts “hydrostatic pressure” against the membrane. Any waterproofing system must therefore be able to withstand a certain hydrostatic pressure or head in order to be effective. Waterproofing keeps water out.

What Process Waterproofing is involved?

Waterproofing is usually involved with multi step protective layers that lay above eachother, to ensure that your property will be secure about water damage. Check out sample of this multi layer installation process.

What are your Areas of Coverage?

We are located in Burbank CA, and usually provide services to all our neighbor cities and counties as well. However, our extensive services are available to entire California and other states.

Habla Español ?

We speak the following languages:

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What Payment Methods Do you Accept ?

Currently we only accept Cash and Checks. We also accept Bank Voucher.

I still have Questions ?

Please forward all your questions to one of the contact methods specified in our Contact us page. We will be glad to answer all of your general and technical questions.