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Gaveet Construction is among the leading providers of the waterproofing, deck coating, waterproofing Burbank as well as restoration services to its global clients, in order to meet their tailored needs and protect the critical areas of their building from any damage arising out of water, moisture, etc. Gaveet Construction offers impressive waterproofing services including Apartment, Burbank, pond, pool, deck, stairs, balcony, waterfall, etc. They are offering their waterproofing services in Glendale, Pasadena, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, etc. They have a team of individuals, who are proficient with the latest technology as well as the advanced systems like fibreglass, Magnesite, Dex-o-Tex, Epoxy, etc., which are available in the market. They have very experienced in offering Waterproofing Services to their clients, as they are serving them for more than 25 years. You can easily get an obligation free quote by simply filling out the free estimate form. They provide you with their service within 24 hours of acquisition of services. They promise quality and warranty for their services to each client. They also offer restoration services including asbestos awareness, mold remediation, water restoration, fire restoration, etc. This makes them the most efficient, reliable, reputable and a professional company.

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We offer a broad range of waterproofing services which include:

Available with most advanced systems available in the market such as:

We also offer range of restoration services which include:

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With over 25 years of experience providing waterproofing services to Los Angeles county, Ventura county, Orange county, and business to business waterproofing services to all over the California, as a professional waterproofing company, still the most common question we always get asked is "How much does it cost to waterproof a ... ?"

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