Waterproofing Process

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A multi step waterproofing system protects your property in several layers. If one layer should fail due to unexpected event, the other layers will make it hard for water to damage your property. A wet basement left unattended may cause considerable structural damage over a period of time. Hydrostatic pressure against your basement walls can cause cracking, bowing, even collapse in severe cases.

Additionally, any type of basement water problem impacts very unfavorably on the value of your home, to say nothing of its livability. Generally speaking, occasional wetness is a sign of a more serious problem and most small water problems progressively worsen over time.

At Gaveet Construction we offer different Multi Step Water Proofing systems. Check out sample of multi step process pictures of our past projects in our gallery section.

Don’t let water to increase the damage on your property. Call Gaveet Constructionand we will handle your needs professionally.

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